Images of Reinstalled Facades

The following is one proposal for reinstating the WTC facades within the selected WTC Memorial design known as Reflecting Absence. Salvaged facades would surround the North Tower footprint and new facades would enclose the South Tower footprint. (Not enough facade material was salvaged to enclose both footprints, and some replica facade will be needed to supplement the salvaged sections.) The juxtaposition between silvery new facade and the charred remains of the original facade will be dramatic.


Reflecting Absence (above) will look like an ordinary park at street level.
There will be no visible evidence that two of the tallest buildings
in the world once occupied the site.
Below is an alternative

The same view of Reflecting Absence - with reconstructed South Tower Facade.

Reflecting Absence without facades                               Reflecting Absence with facades

Salvaged Facade Elements:

South Tower, South Wall

South Tower, West Wall

North Tower, North Wall

North Tower, East Wall

Replica Facade: